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bob logrippo

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After receiving degrees from Brevard College and the University of North Carolina, Cunningham resided in Europe for the better part of a year. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, he spent his time visiting many of the world's great museums and cultivating an appreciation not just for art, but for the cultures that inspire it.

When he is not pushing paint on a canvas, Cunningham maintains a career in the commercial arts as an illustrator, graphic designer and web desite developer.

about the work

Cunningham confides, “I’m a people person. Even when my subject matter isn't human, I try to reflect some aspect of humanity in the work. I'll explore relationships between trees as if they were people. A forest may become a dance, a party, or a street scene.



Society of Publication Designers, Award of Merit, 1979, 1981

Society of Illustrators, Gold Medal Awards: 1972, 1973

Society of Illustrators, 14 Citations of Merit: 1971-1986

  • Print Annual, Certificate of Excellence, 1992


Books - Random House, Dell, Ballantine, MacMillan, Houghton-Mifflin, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Knopf, Dutton Penguin, Silver Burdett & Ginn, Book of the Month Club

Magazines - Redbook, Playboy, Seventeen, forbes, Cosmopolitan, Guide Post, fortune, New York Times Sunday Magazine, Newsday Sunday Magazine, Readers Digest, Country Life

Children's Books - Franklin Library: "Hans Christian Anderson" 1978, "The Deerslayer" 1982; Modern Curriculum Press: "Where Are We Going?" 1994

Calendars & Products - Nabisco, Main Street Press (Lang Graphics), Celestial Seasonings Tea Co., Avon Cosmetic Package Design 1995

Christmas Cards - American Artists Greeting Cards, 1985-present Bacardi Rum, American Broadcasting Co.

Record Covers - RCA, Caedmon Records, Electra Records, ABC Records

Advertising Agencies - Fairfax, Michael Cather; Spegal and Ladden; AC and R; Ross Roy; Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor; Edwin Bird Wilson; Six Flags Amusement Parks; Pace Advertising; Cody Advertising; Gerber Advertising; United Way of Greenville 1998 Campaign

Posters - ABC Summer Olympics, 1984 - LoGrippo Art Poster, Louisianna-Pacific 25th Anniversary Poster, Snow Country Magazine Poster 1996

  • Lithographic Reproductions - Franklin Mint: "The Four Seasons" 1978-1980, Original Prints, Inc. signed and numbered edition 1982

shows & exhibitions

2009 Gina Gallery of International Naïve Art, New York, NY

1999 Frank Miele Gallery, 1086 Madison, NY

1983 - 1998 Jaro Art Galleries, 956 Madison Ave, NYC - Annual One Man Shows

1995 Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC - Illustration Show

1996 Wells Gallery, Charleston, SC - Group Show

1996 Blue Spiral Gallery I, Asheville,NC - Group Show

1996 Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg, SC - Retrospective

1995 Portals ,Ltd, Chicago, IL - One Man Show'

Bacardi Rum Private Collection

Exxon Corporation Private Collection

Louisianna-Pacific Private Collection

  • Work in U.S. Embassies in Czechoslavakia and Romania


Parsons School of Design, 1982-1994

Pratt Institute, 1985 -1989

Furman University Continuing Education Program, 1997

Spartanburg Art Museum, 1997 - present


scott cunninghamscott cunninghamscott cunninghamscott cunninghamscott cunninghamscott cunninghamscott cunninghamscott cunningham


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scott cunninghamscott cunningham
scott cunninghamscott cunningham

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scott cunningham

scott cunningham
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scott cunningham scott cunningham
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